Cambridge Core

    SIBS Cambridge Core Programme

    Established in August 2019, SIBS Cambridge Core Programme provides secondary level students from China with opportunities to participate in higher level education programmes at international universities both in Thailand and abroad.

    The school will be offering Year 7-9 and Year 10 programmes initially. This programme will be extended to Year 13 over the coming years. The class sizes are capped at 25 students per classroom to maintain the desired student to teacher ratio.

    SIBS Chiangmai is a registered Cambridge International School. There are more than 10,000 Cambridge schools in over 160 countries worldwide. The SIBS Chiangmai Curriculum Pathway follows the programme of study of Cambridge lower secondary, IGCSE and A/AS-Level studies.

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    Double the Future

    At SIBS, we not only immerse students in an international environment with the best qualified international teachers, we also practise holistic, process-based learning. Rather than cram lectures into passive receptacles, our teachers aim to nurture the global citizens of tomorrow, women and men who are able to continue learning. Through teamwork, inquiry and interactive learning, your child develops their own knowledge, knowledge that is deeper and more broadly linked to the breadth of their experiences.

    To be successful in today’s world, SIBS believes students have to be more than just “knowledgeable” - they need to have the characteristics of a lifelong learner to succeed in a rapidly changing world: Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative and Engaged.

    Cambridge International School and Exam Centre

    Subject dedicated environments

    SIBS has numerous dedicated and unique learning spaces designed to enhance student learning including: 3 science laboratories, a young learners garden, 2 libraries, reading nooks, a computer laboratory, an art room, music room, playing fields, a football pitch, an indoor gymnasium, and 2 outdoor and indoor play areas for young children.

    More Opportunities

    SIBS’s curriculum has been designed to give students more opportunities. In Secondary we make sure that our students meet the requirements for Cambridge IGCSE and AS/A Level. SIBS students can choose among the best international programmes in Thailand or university programmes overseas.

    SIBS Pathway

    SIBS is Cambridge International school. Emphasis is placed on the development of Cambridge learner attributes. In Year 7, SIBS begins subject based teaching with specialist expert teachers. Students move between classrooms which are designed for the subjects being taught. In lower secondary, (Years 7 to 9), an emphasis is placed on building independence and responsibility for their learning.

    In upper Secondary, (Years 10-13) students begin their preparations for university. SIBS follows the Cambridge International Schools’ syllabus for IGCSE and AS/A Level courses. All SIBS students meet and exceed Thai and international university requirements. Being a part of Rangsit University, students will have a special quota to enter Rangsit University, one of the best private universities in Thailand and transfer some credits to continue studying at Rangsit University.

    Cambridge Lower Secondary (Years 7-9)

    SIBS Lower Secondary builds on the broad connected foundation established in Primary School allowing students in these transition years to begin to delve deeper into their studies. The level of responsibility increases as the children grow into young adults. Students are no longer in contained classrooms but move from class to class - immersed in their subject areas with specialist teachers, classrooms, laboratories and materials. SIBS courses follow Cambridge lower secondary curricula.

    In lower secondary students refine their knowledge of their strengths and interests. In preparation for upper secondary, students are guided by counselling staff in making choices for IGCSE and pre-university courses.

    Cambridge Upper Secondary (Years 10-13)

    University and beyond. In upper Secondary School, (Years 10-13), students begin their preparations for university. SIBS follows the Cambridge International Schools’ syllabus for IGCSE and AS/A Level courses. Students are guided through the process of course selection in view of their university aspirations which helps students through the university application process.

    For Years 12 and 13, SIBS students may choose three A/AS Level Subjects corresponding to their expected university plans. Graduates are able to apply to the best international programmes in Thailand and overseas.

    Programme Fee

    SIBS Cambridge Core Programme - School Fee AY 2019-2020

    *Sibling discount on tuition fee is 10% for +2nd child attending the school at the same time.