School Aademic

Mr. Brian Grieve

IBP English

Mr Brian Grieve is from Dublin, Ireland. He has a Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology from Dublin City University and a TEFL qualification in English. Brian has been in Chiang Mai for the last six months and taught in SIBS since last semester.Before arriving in Thailand, he have worked internationally in the USA, Europe and Asia.
His approach to teaching is to make sure that students are engaged but are also aware of why we are studying the content. Setting goals and committing to work hard to achieve these goals is at the core of my teaching philosophy.
Brian builds a classroom environment that allows his students to thrive. In his current role in the CCP his focus is on improving students’ English to the highest level possible. Making sure the students are accountable for their own personal and educational development is extremely important.
Brian also relishes his role as Homeroom teacher for Year 11 CCP, providing pastoral care to the students to the best of his ability.
Outside of school he enjoys traveling, hiking and playing Rugby.