School Aademic

Mr. Neill Dixon

Homeroom Teacher Year 9

Although relatively new to the teaching profession, Mr. Dixon nonetheless feels he was inexorably led to this career. Raised in Santa Cruz, California, educated in San Diego, Mr. Dixon on graduation - BA in political science with a minor in mathematics and literature - departed the US on a one-way ticket without much of a plan and spent the next 25 years trying his hand at varying jobs across the world. Farmer, interior design lackey, Israeli infantry soldier, school bus driver, Irish court stenographer, among others, Mr. Dixon hopes the experience gained in these endeavours shines through when laying out the benefits of common denominators in Core Math classes! Mr Dixon teaches Core Math to Years 7,8, and 9 students. Even though math is not an easy sell to many of these students, he hopes his enthusiasm, patience, and varying teaching techniques will allow them to overcome any anti-math sentiments and aspire to succeed in this important field of study. A father to two children - also SIBS students - Mr. Dixon spends most of his free time with his kids, embarrassing them in the skatepark, geeking out reading graphic novels, avidly watching any science fiction/horror movie, and swinging kettlebells.