Ms. Tess Shanahan

Primary Principal

Ms. Tess Shanahan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development, and is pursuing her US school administrators license. With more than 15 years of teaching experience across 4 countries, she is experienced in International Schools, Private Schools and Government Schools. Ms. Shanahan has her own Educational Consulting business and has worked on projects in schools in Nigeria, Lagos, Mozambique, and Vietnam. Ms. Shanahan brings with her 10 years in finance, and 10 years in the legal profession, she has also authored 2 books. Ms. Shanahan is a Registered Behavioral Therapist with an emphasis on Spectrum Disorders, she also has Professional Development and on-going education hours from Harvard University, in Family Engagement in Education.

She has a passion for education, and sharing that in as many ways as possible. She loves connecting with her students and feels that it’s those connections that contributes to building a solid community relationship.

In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, and finding adventure wherever it may be.