Action tours and Field trips

Community Collaborating with many different people from different grade levels and classes will allow students to make new friends and inspire the leadership potential within them.

Independence This trip aims to be inclusive for the entire secondary school and may be the first trip away from home for younger students. It is important to learn basic life skills and also develop the ability to rely on others to take on the physical and mental challenge of camping.

Environment Observations and analysis of natural phenomenon will allow students to appreciate the world we live in and form ideas on how they can take action to conserve natural resources.

Secondary Field Trips

Primary Field Trips

Early Years Field Trips

International excursions

In the second school term, international excursions are planned. During these excursions students have the opportunity to travel abroad and explore environments and societies outside of Thailand. The three themes to each of these Action Study Tours are as follows:

Multiculturalism Students will explore the cultures in their destination countries and will compare and contrast what they find to that which they find at home. Learning how to be a global citizen is facilitated by experiences other cultures and forming a deeper understanding.

Adventure The high-paced and diverse itineraries on each trip means that students must be adaptable and active-minded as they take in as much as they can while abroad. This sense of adventure and drive to understand more of the world around them is what makes these trips particularly inspiring.

Transdisciplinary Learning Every international excursion has learning experiences that directly tie into three subject areas in the school’s curriculum. They will be able to plan, create and present what they have learned through a variety of different projects.

Science fieldwork studies Our older students in secondary school are given the opportunity to travel to various sites in Thailand to design experiments, collect data and then work in teams to analyse their results and draw conclusions. The three themes to each of these Action Study Tours are as follows:

Data collection Students will all gain experience in the field of Science by learning how to collect accurate data in a variety of forms. The aim of these fieldwork is to apply what they have learned in their Science classes to real-world situations.

Presentation The results of their work will serve as part of their term two assessments in Science and other related subjects. Students will present their findings to a live audience and this will sharpen their understanding of the content as well as improve their public speaking skills.

Collaboration Students who major in Science and other fields must work together by sharing information and highlighting the academic and personal strengths of each group member. A transdisciplinary theme helps to put these challenges in a real-world context for which every group member can make a significant contribution.