Mission and Vision Statement



Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai provides an International Bilingual Curriculum which meets local and international educational standards doubling their future through fluency in Bilingualism. At SIBS, we enable students to fulfil their academic potential and develop essential life skills to become caring, honest and considerate global citizens.



Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai shall be the best recognized International Bilingual School in Thailand, providing a world class quality student-centred international education.


Our Values


Teaching and Learning: SIBS follows a model of student-centred process-based teaching. Teachers understand that their role is as a facilitator of learning.

Academic Quality / Rigour: SIBS offers academically challenging programmes that are balanced and meet both the standards of the Thai Ministry of Education and the expectations of challenging programmes of international education. Assessment of student performance will be authentic and rigorous.

Learner Development: SIBS Students are encouraged to ask questions. The school develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring individuals who are confident, responsible, reflective and engaged. Students are expected to be confident in the use of two or more languages.

Diversity and Personal Responsibility: At SIBS, local (Thai) and global perspectives are included throughout the curriculum and other school activities in order to “encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people with their differences, can also be right” and that everyone shares the responsibility for our planet.


Learner Outcomes


“Satit Rangsit – Double the Future”

We are proficient in communicating in THREE languages: Thai, English and Mandarin.

We appreciate local traditions and culture AND international perspective.

We have classmates, teachers and friends from different countries and backgrounds, which helps us appreciate DIFFERENT perspectives.

Our learning is assessed continually and in a VARIETY of ways.

Our education meets BOTH local Thai educational standards as well as the expectations of the best balanced international curricula.

We question and inquire because we take RESPONSIBILITY for our own learning.

We are preparing learners for the best Thai university programmes OR international university programmes, OR top universities around the world.

We interact EQUALLY well, and politely, in a Thai social context as well as an International context.

We understand our own personal histories and appreciate the personal histories of OTHERS.


We consider the impact of our actions on everyone‘s SHARED resources.

We have the OPPORTUNITY to consider career choices in Thailand or any country in the world.


We are prepared for today and for the future.