SIBS Exam Centre

Registration information for Cambridge Exams and SATs

Satit International Bilingual School (SIBS) is an official Exam Center for both Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and CollegeBoard SAT’s. Our exam center registration information is the following:

  • For SIBS students or external (‘private’) candidates wishing to register for the Cambridge International Examinations for iGCSE and AS- and A-level qualifications, click on CIE on the left panel.
  • For students wishing to take their SATs at SIBS testing center, please click on SATs on the left panel.


Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

Cambridge iGCSE and GCE AS/A Levels

Cambridge IGCSEs are widely recognised by higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement. Many universities require a combination of Cambridge IGCSE’s and A/AS levels as one way to meet their entry requirements.

Exam series availability

We offer Cambridge examinations for the iGCSE and AS- and A-level qualifications. The June series of exams is open to both SIBS students and private (= external) candidates. The November series are reserved for exam retakes for June series candidates only.

Who can take the exams?

SIBS will accept internal candidates who wish to take any of the Cambridge exams in their timetable, provided they have studied the syllabus for at least one full calendar year within our school.

Private (external) candidates are welcome to take the exams at our Exams Centre.Please note that we can only accept exam registration requests for subjects that do not contain moderated coursework components and/or speaking tests in other languages than English.

Registration deadlines

Registration deadline for the June series of each year, is February 7th.
Registration deadline for the November series of each year is August 31st.


The timetables for the upcoming June series (June 2024) will be published by Cambridge on 17th of November 2023. The timetable of our offered exam subjects will be linked below on 13th of December 2023. After the registration procedure for each series has completed, the timetable linked below will be automatically updated with detailed time and room locations. This is typically around February 15th for the June series and September 7th for the November series.

IGCSE Timetables
As and A Levels Timetables

Registration Forms

To register for taking Cambridge exams at SIBS Exam Centre, please use the corresponding sign-up (google) form linked below. Please make sure you have a photo or scan of the passport or national ID card of the candidate available on the device used to fill the sign-up form. This will need to be uploaded during the sign-up procedure.

SIBS internal candidates registration form

Private (external) candidates registration form

Registration Steps

  1. Read through the information on this website.
  2. Check the timetable(s) for subject availability.
  3. Complete the sign-up form. A copy of the completed form is automatically sent to the candidate.
  4. SIBS will send an invoice with the exam fees within 2 working days of form completion.
  5. The exam fees are to be paid before the deadline on the invoice or January 31st (whichever is sooner).
  6. SIBS will issue a receipt of payment.
  7. Three days after the registration deadline, an official Statement of Entry will be emailed to the candidate and/or legal guardian.
  8. The candidate will check the timetables regularly for updated information.
  9. On exam day, the candidate needs to bring a copy of the passport or national ID card that was used in the sign-up process.
  10. For the June Exam Series: The Statement of results are issued in the middle of August and the official Cambridge Certificates are issued in the middle of October. For the November Exam Series: The Statement of results are issued in the middle of January and the official Cambridge Certificates are issued in the middle of March.



CollegeBoard Examinations – SATs

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for university admissions. Many universities around the world, including universities in Thailand, accept scores from the SAT test as a part of the admission process.

Who can take the exams?

Both external and internal students can register and choose to write the SAT exams at SIBS.

Exam dates

SAT exams are held several times a year, typically on a Saturday. Exam dates for the SATs are published by CollegeBoard in the US. The international examination dates can be found here: SAT CollegeBoard dates and deadlines

Exam registration

The registration deadline is four weeks before each exam date. All exam registration is handled by CollegeBoard, not by SIBS. Registration for the SAT exams is done via the College Board website: SAT CollegeBoard website.


When registering to take your SATs at SIBS, please ensure you select testing center 71137, which is Satit International Bilingual School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Testing day information

  • Admissions Ticket
  • Original National ID or Passport

We look forward to welcoming all students to our SAT Exam Centre!