Communication from SIBS to the School Community

Timely and accurate communications between SIBS and its parent community is a top priority. The official means of communication of news and information from the school to the parent community is via email. However, to share events and activities, SIBS also sends school information through the SIBS website the SIBS Facebook page and the SIBSCNX Line Group @sibscnx and school Wechat: sibschiangmai.

The official means of school communication from teacher to parents is by school email, classroom newsletter, Edupage or by student notebook.

Some teachers may choose to set up Google classroom, ClassDojo or See Saw. However, all official news and information from SIBS to parents will be sent through teacher and/or school administration email accounts. Classroom Line groups, while fast, do not meet the standards of the child safety standards. SIBS has to ensure the security of information or images being shared.

Therefore, teachers do not communicate messages or news and information through the classroom Line.

All parents should see that they have a working email address on record with the school for the purpose of receiving timely, official school news and information.

The SIBS website includes school calendars and links to the SIBS Facebook page. Communication from Parents to the School:

there must be an orderly procedure for the consideration and hearing of such issues. We have found that email communication is best for short messages between teachers and parents and that in-person conversations are better when there are concerns that need to be discussed. Teachers can be reached on their school email.

If a concern is in regard to a classroom matter, the parent should make an appointment to discuss it with the homeroom teacher.

We ask that all parents follow the 3 Door procedures we have in place to communicate with a teacher, staff member or administration.


“Door 1”: Teacher or Staff Member

Initial contact is made with the teacher. A parent-teacher conference can be arranged by contacting the teacher directly or by phoning the Admission Office to schedule an appointment.

“Door 2”: Principal or Head of Department

Parents should contact the principal or head of department for concerns not resolved with the teacher, or concerns which should be brought directly to the administration. Appointments can be made by contacting the Admission Office.

“Door 3”: Head of School

If the parent continues to have a concern or question, they may approach the Head of School by contacting the Admission Office to schedule an appointment.

The Head of School’s decision, approved by the CEO, shall be the final determination of any follow-up, as the Head of school is ultimately responsible for all operations of the school, as well as the day-to-day interpretation and implementation of the school’s policies and procedures. Students are also encouraged to raise their concerns to members of the student council.

The school, together with the student council, will address any concerns and find short term as well as long term solutions, if applicable, to all concerns.


In-Person Parent Meetings

All in person parent meetings (Door 2 and Door 3) will need to be scheduled in advance. All participants in the meeting will need to be identified prior to the commencement of the meeting and the school has the right to decline group meetings, if we deem the meeting to be inappropriate or harmful towards a different member of the SIBS community.

Responding to Parent/Student Complaints

All complaints or concerns will be addressed within a 48 hour time period, aiming for solutions that will be acceptable by all parties involved.

The procedures on how the school will handle the complaint/concern will be communicated to the parents with a timeline attached to each planned action.