Our Pride

SIBS Graduates

100% of SIBS alumni continue to pursue their studies at a university level, choosing diverse subjects varying from Medicine to Arts, from Business to Journalism as their major. Here are some of their stories. Our graduates get admitted to the universities of their choice, the geography of university admissions varies from Chiangmai University in our hometown and Thammasat University, Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok to South Korea University in Seoul and Business and Hotel Management School in Lucerne, Switzerland.

SIBS Graduates Around the World!

Jungeun Shin (Sally)

SUNY Korea prep for University of Southampton - Biomedical Engineering Faculty
Class of 2022

Philip Housden

Chiangmai University - College of Arts, Multimedia and Technology
Class of 2022

Siyi Sun (Ivy)

Chiangmai University - Faculty of Art, Humanities & Sustainabilities
Class of 2022

Akkadech Arunsri (Dech)

Thammasat university - BBA International Program
Class of 2022

Qige Qi (Richy)

Chiangmai University - Integrated Design in Emerging Architecture (International Program)
Class of 2022

Phawida Kunrattanawanich (Bam)

Chiangmai University - Faculty of Fine Arts
Class of 2019

Pornprom Mooamphan (Ball)

The Far Eastern University Chiangmai - Bachelor of Arts Programme in Business Chinese
Class of 2019

Titapa Anupabtriphob (Noey)

Thammasat university - Engineering faculty of SIIT
Class of 2019

Siying Liu (Carina)

Chiangmai University - Faculty of humanities
Class of 2019

Hyeongha Joo (Fred)

Business and Hotel Management School, Lucerne, Switzerland - Culinary Arts
Class of 2019

Hyeonjong Lee (John)

Humanities Faculty - Chiangmai University
Bachelor of Arts in Thai as a Foreign Language
Class of 2018

Sujong Lee (Peter)

Teaching Thai as a Foreign Language - Chiangmai University
Class of 2018

Eunsol Na (Eve)

Yonsei University, Venture Studies Major
Class of 2018

Bo Heon Jeong (Aron)

Culinary Arts - South Korea University
Class of 2018

Nteekan Siriboonyapa (Aeh)

Ramkhamhaeng University - Faculty of Business Administration
Class of 2018