What is the
    Model United Nations (MUN)?

    The Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation of the procedures, protocol, structure and actions of the real United Nations. Set up around the same time in the wake of the Second World War, the Model United Nations promotes peaceful resolutions of world issues through cooperation, compromise and consensus between individual countries.

    Various international schools around the world host MUN conferences and open their doors to motivated delegates who are assigned a country different to their own to represent in one of their committees. Before taking part in these conferences, students must spend a great deal of time researching their respective nations, writing policy statements on the committee issues to be debated, preparing opening speeches and creating draft resolutions. During the conferences, they are then tasked with debating committee topics from their country’s perspective with the ultimate goal of getting their resolutions passed.

    Satit International Bilingual School
    Thai Model United Nations

    Model United Nations
    at SIBS Chiangmai

    This is a new and exciting program for SIBS Chiang Mai this year. An ECA has been set up to prepare selected delegates for success in two conferences this year. There is also a Google Classroom forum for students to study the materials independently.

    Students who enrol as delegates in the Model United Nations programme at SIBS Chiangmai have the opportunity to earn credits that are recognised by Rangsit University. More details on this will be given to interested delegates.

    Upcoming Conferences

    SIBS Chiangmai is now a proud member of the local Model United Nations group - Chiangmai Model United Nations and in partnership with other international schools in Chiangmai is preparing delegates for an online conference organised by Chiang Mai International School on Friday 6th November. This will be hugely beneficial to SIBS students as a great way of being introduced to the style and format of MUN conferences.

    Following the online conference in November, SIBS plans to send a delegation to a live conference in Bangkok hosted by Concordian International School. This event scheduled for a four day weekend at the end of March is expected to be a much larger affair with more committees and students from around the world attending.

    Who can join
    SIBS Chiangmai MUN Club?

    Due to the academic rigour required to prepare for and be successful in Model United Nations conferences, SIBS welcomes applications from upper secondary students who are proficient in the English language, take a keen interest in world affairs. and show commitment to their studies. Selected students will then prepare for these conferences as an extra-curricular activity after school. Please contact Mr. James Kateley on for more details.