Education is a changing phenomena and young people are at the very heart of education.

Being a part of a child’s education is rewarding and an exciting partnership. At SIBS Primary School we are looking forward to a productive partnership between students, parents and teachers.

Each child arrives as an individual and it is our responsibility to develop that individuality together and nurture an environment where students feel valued, cared for and secure. Holistic teaching is an integral part of Primary education, where we focus on developing the child as a whole. We strive to create an environment that recognizes that each child is different and finding ways to create the best pathways that will illuminate their potential. In turn, students learn how to value their gifts and experience success as they follow their pathway inside and outside the classroom.

In Primary we place great value on the Cambridge Learner attributes that are embedded in every aspect of the curriculum and interaction between students, parents and teachers.

Confident learners who take ownership of their learning and showing willingness to take risks, evaluate a variety of ideas and form their own opinions and views. Learners that recognize, consider and respect the views of others and know it is equally as important as self-expression.

Reflective learners are also lifelong learners. An environment of ‘trial and error’ cultivates learners that are willing to problem solve as they grow in their understanding to evaluate and reflect on outcomes of previous learning.

Innovative learners learn to be enterprising when met with challenges and equipped to find various creative and imaginative ways to meet new and future challenges. Learners that are adaptive in different circumstances and willing to collaborate with others.

Engaged learners are inquisitive and show an aptitude to learn new skills and participate within a diverse world. Engaged not only intellectually, but also socially and ready to make a difference and be a global citizen.

Responsible for their own learning and gaining the confidence to set realistic goals for themselves. Learners that are responsible towards the environment they live in and respectful to others.

A strong partnership between school and home will nurture these attributes and together we contribute to your child’s education.

Eileen de Scande
Primary School Principal