Chiang Mai Academics

Ms. Fritzie Dumaguing

Head, Computer Studies Department
IT Coordinator
iPad 1:1 Programme Coordinator
NWEA MAP District Administrator
As/A2 Level IT
As/A2 Level Computer Science

Ms. Fritzie is an engineer by profession, holding 17 solid years of teaching experience in Information Technology mainly at the University level, specializing in Integrated Circuit (IC) programming/interfacing stemming from her degree in BS Computer Engineering and a Masters of Science in Information Technology, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Education.

Before coming to Thailand, she served as the Dean of the School of Computer Studies at two different universities, each for four years. Additionally, she was one of the assessors involved in the standardization process of the government agency, Commission on Higher Education. Subsequently, she taught for 5 years at a Higher Education Institution in Bangkok and also served as the head of the Business Computer - English Program in the IT Department before joining SIBS Chiang Mai.

Having lived in Australia, the United States, and now in Thailand, Ms. Fritzie brings a diverse perspective to her role at SIBS. She taught IGCSE and ASAL ICT and Computer Science in the previous academic years and in the current school offerings, she is handling the Advanced Subsidiary and A2 Level IT 9626 syllabus within the Cambridge ICT Curriculum map of SIBS