Dr. Caille Jensen

Head of Humanities

Dr. Caille’s educational journey spans three continents, marked by her notable academic achievements: a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Education and English Language from Marylhurst University in the USA, a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, and a PhD in Psychology earned in 2022. With nearly a decade of experience in international education, including four years in leadership roles, she brings a wealth of knowledge to SIBS Chiang Mai.

With her multicultural heritage (Finnish-American and Japanese), she intimately understands the challenges faced by international students. She embraces SIBS Chiang Mai’s dedication to multiculturalism and multilingualism, aligning with its core values. Her pedagogical approach centers on engagement at all educational stages. She envisions a comprehensive learning experience by integrating disciplines and cultivating student investment in their academic journey. She’s also an advocate for a Professional Learning Community (PLC), facilitating the exchange of teaching methods among educators to elevate the quality of instruction and ultimately enhance students’ learning outcomes.

Having lived in more than 10 countries and attended six international schools, Dr. Caille embodies multilingualism, fluently speaking English, Japanese, and French, while progressively acquiring proficiency in Thai. This linguistic versatility allows her to empathize with the trilingual approach (English, Thai, Chinese) embraced by SIBS Chiang Mai, further enriching her ability to connect with the diverse student body.