Mr. Ashley Bradford

Head of English Language

Upon graduating his B.A. in English and philosophy in his native UK, Mr. Bradford worked in public relations and journalism in New York, writing speeches for diplomats and NGOs; covering political and entertainment events for the Foreign Press Association, NY; and writing treatments for digital literacy in the global South. Subsequently, Mr. Bradford discovered a passion for education, and has since been in the field for over 8 years. He was awarded a Distinction at the Master’s level from Leeds Beckett University, UK where he studied psychology with educational psychology modules- his MSc research focuses on divergent thinking, a process whereby solutions are arrived at through generating creative ideas.

Mr. Bradford finished his MSc whilst working as a Residential Rehabilitation Counselor at a forensic psychiatric facility in the USA, where he specialised in competency restoration and also crisis prevention and intervention. Mr. Bradford has additional qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning from the Northern Council for Education, UK. After completing his postgraduate certification in education, Mr. Bradford intends to continue his studies and is particularly interested in researching intrinsic motivation and self-determination in education.

In terms of pedagogy, Mr. Bradford says that the English classroom is a living, breathing encyclopaedia where we investigate humanistic aspects of our experience through the spoken and written word. At a time of unprecedented global change; when technological advancement exceeds our understanding of its implications, he believes that English Language Arts anchors us to our common humanity- lest we need reminding.