Dr. Poonam Shokeen

Academic Director

Dr. Shokeen has assumed the position of Academic Director at SIBS, bringing her expertise to bear primarily on the primary and secondary school levels. Holding a doctoral degree in Biomedical Science, she further distinguishes herself as an accredited Programme Leader for the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning. With over fifteen years of instructional and administrative experience, her professional background spans diverse international institutions, including universities and schools across various regions.

Dr. Shokeen boasts a comprehensive familiarity with a multitude of educational frameworks, demonstrating adeptness in tailoring curricula to match distinct pedagogical requirements. Notably, her proficiency extends to crafting curricular content grounded in the principles of the Understanding by Design approach.

Her enthusiasm thrives within multicultural settings that cherish the richness of varied traditions. In her capacity, she ardently aligns with the overarching vision of SIBS, nurturing an ambition to equip students with the indispensable 21st century proficiencies necessary for real-world success. Her dedication finds expression in the pursuit of refining teaching and learning paradigms of utmost excellence within the SIBS community.