Mr.Timothy Kist

Secondary Principal

Mr Kist earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English Education from The Ohio State University in the USA and is in his final step of completing my Master’s thesis in Education. This is his14th year in education and his 10th year in international Education. He has been at SIBS for seven years and in leadership for six. As of Term 2, He is entering his second year as Secondary Principal at SIBS. Mr. Kist is excited to see how much the school has grown from the beginning but that student-centered learning is still at the heart of SIBS. He is devoted to working with the administrative staff, teachers, students, and parents of SIBS Chiang Mai and committed to cultivating a Professional Learning Community.
“We will make a collaborative effort to maintain a shared vision of leadership and be goal-driven and results-oriented. The SIBS Chiang Mai team should be transparent and data driven on best practices. There should be an essential focus on teaching and learning, achievement, celebration of success, and providing the best pastoral care possible. Our teaching team ensures that the four pillars of Process based teaching, Interactive learning, Authentic Assessments, and ICT literacy are promoted throughout each and every lesson. We strive to build a strong educational foundation in order to create lifelong learners and global citizens.”
He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two young children. The Kist family loves the great outdoors. His ideal day would be spending the morning playing and fishing at the beach with his wife and kids and barbecuing and eating the fish that afternoon next to the sea.