Mr. Bryant Browning

English language

Mr. Bryant, with a rich seven-year tenure in Thailand and Asia, is a seasoned educator originally from America. He holds an Information Technology degree from Florida State University, USA, and is adept at integrating his tech-savvy skills into his teaching methods. His journey includes roles as an English and Technology teacher across diverse educational settings, notably in China and Asia. He’s currently embarking on his Master’s in Education and Leadership.

Renowned for his dynamic teaching style and ability to connect with students, Mr. Bryant brings a wealth of over seven years of classroom experience. His diverse background endows him with a global perspective, enhancing his effectiveness in various teaching scenarios. He champions the development of critical thinking and adaptability in students, emphasizing the significance of investigative learning over memorization.

His teaching philosophy centers on nurturing students’ abilities to think critically and solve problems through a comprehensive understanding of concepts and ideas.