Mr. Matthew Spies


Mr Spies holds a triple major in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, as well as an Honours degree in International Politics. Moreover, his recent attainment of a distinction in his Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the esteemed University of Cape Town underscores his dedication to pedagogical mastery.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr. Spies brings over 7 years of teaching experience, primarily dedicated to foreign learners in the dynamic educational landscapes of Thailand and Vietnam. Within this tenure, Mr. Spies spent 4 years teaching English, followed by 3 years devoted to nurturing the mathematical acumen of Lower Secondary students in Thailand. Notably, his guidance has propelled learners towards achieving bronze, silver, and gold medals in various academic competitions.

Central to Mr. Spies’ teaching philosophy is the belief that every student enters the classroom with a treasury of knowledge waiting to be unearthed. With an emphasis on collaborative learning, he aims to facilitate the collective expansion of this inherent knowledge, while encouraging students to delve deeper into its practical applications in their daily lives and communities.

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Spies is a man of diverse interests and talents. His penchant for motorcycle journeys, the game of golf, and musical instruments reveals his zest for life outside of academia. Recently, he has delved into the realm of building and construction, an endeavor he hopes to leverage in enhancing his teaching methods. By showcasing how Mathematics is tangibly employed, he endeavors to imbue his lessons with a practical dimension that resonates profoundly with his students.