Child Protection Policy

Enriching the Student’s Development and Holistic Approach to Education

Section 1: Protecting images and videos of children Policy Statement

It is SIBS’s intention to provide a safe learning environment and to comply with the Child Protection Act 2003 by controlling the release of any data related to students and their families. This includes but is not limited to legal documents provided upon application, personal information of the student or family, information on the students’ health and well-being, data on students studies, results or activities and access to video and photographs or any other information about the child and his/her parents.

Child Protection Act 2003
Given on the 24th day of September 2003.

Section 27. No person shall advertise or disseminate via media or any other means, information about the child or parent, if it is intended to cause damage to the mind, reputation or other privileges of the child or to seek benefits for oneself.

Section 2: Protecting Images and Videos of Children

Images and videos of children at school are an essential part of the modern education process. A photographic / video record of student progress is often made and shared with parents. Communication about school programmes is almost always accompanied by photographic content. The use of images is something we all have grown to accept and appreciate. However, some potential issues and risk factors occur when photography and filming is shared:

● children may be identifiable when a photograph is shared with personal information
● direct and indirect risks to children and young people when photographs and videos are shared on websites and in publications with personal information such as names, home location, grade or class section, etc.
● inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children
● inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images

SIBS Photograph and Video Sharing Policy

The purpose of this policy is to guide the safe and appropriate use of SIBS student images and videos used in publications, websites and social networking sites. The policy gives guidance to help children, parents and staff understand how photographs can be shared appropriately.

● When parents admit their child into SIBS they are granting the school permission to use images of their child in school activities.
● If a parent does not wish the school to use images of their child in school activities they can complete a request form at the annual Parent Orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year. (Please note that by making this request it is understood by the parent that their child might not be able to be selected for some activities or roles.)
● SIBS will not use children’s names in photograph captions without seeking the parent’s permission.
● All members of the SIBS community are reminded to only use images of children in suitable clothing to reduce the risk of inappropriate use. Some activities, for example swimming and drama, present a much greater risk of potential misuse.
● On the SIBS website, images will not be accompanied by personal information, such as the name of a child and their hobby, as this information could be used to learn more about a child prior to grooming them for abuse.
● SIBS will not allow external photographers unsupervised access to children
● SIBS will not send photographers or staff to take photographs or video of students at home.
● SIBS requires that SIBS parents do not share photos or videos of other children on social media without that child’s parents permission. For example, a recording of a group or class presentation by which the other students may be identified.
● SIBS will not share or stream video content from security cameras or classroom webcams.
● SIBS will obtain a written agreement from teachers, staff and parents as well as from external photographers, videographers, press accepting SIBS policy on sharing student images.
● When using an image of a student or his/her work, all members of the community are expected to be considerate and, when possible, seek verbal permission from the focus student or students in any image or video.

SIBS IP & CCTV Security Camera Video Footage Procedure IP & CCTV cameras installed on the school grounds, including those within the classrooms, are to be used by the administration for the observation of school and classroom activities but also for verification following a reported incident of physical harm, property damage or property loss.

Recordings of video content are stored for one week.

Requests for viewing stored camera footage are to be made in writing to the Superintendent / Head of School or their designee. The request should include a brief explanation of purpose, an approximate time frame and location of the event in question. The Superintendent / Head of School or their designee will review the request and forward approved requests to SIBS security staff.

Security will deliver the requested video for viewing. Viewing of the video is restricted to the those individuals contained in the request, normally SIBS security staff and principals and will take place on the SIBS campus and a SIBS device.