Secondary School Programme

    Frank Smith, internationally recognized psycholinguist, once said:

    “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

    SIBS Secondary
    Change Your Future

    At Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University Chiangmai, we offer you a corridor to higher education with the valuable key of bilingualism, unlocking doors to opportunities worldwide. Underpinning our dual-language pathway, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) offers a culturally sensitive international curriculum to ensure your child the best in academic learning and holistic development.

    Our SIBS international students join counterparts in more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries to undertake their studies in the Cambridge lower secondary programme for the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. This foundation prepares them to confidently enter Year 10, where they undertake the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. They complete this two-year course of study in Year 11, sitting their IGCSE examinations at the end of this second year. AS/A Level qualification courses in Year 12 and Year 13 further prepare students for the rigorous academic demands of tertiary education with the secure knowledge that both the Cambridge IGCSE and AS/A Levels are accepted by leading universities worldwide as equivalent to UK GCSE and AS/A Levels.

    Thai national students interested in pursuing further studies at premier Thai universities have the advantage of experiencing Cambridge excellence while adhering to guidelines required by the Thailand Ministry of Education (MOE). All subject courses not specific to the Thai MOE requirements are taught in English under the same Cambridge curricular umbrella. Students pursuing the Thai university pathway are not required to take IGCSE examinations, but are strongly encouraged and supported to sit a minimum of five IGCSE examinations in order to receive these lifelong international qualifications. Combining the demands of Thai education with the Cambridge Assessment International Education certification creates a unique blended pathway, enhancing Thai students access to international universities overseas for their future academic undergraduate or post-graduate studies. Some of the most popular destinations countries for Cambridge students include: Australia; Canada; India: Indonesia; Malaysia; New Zealand; Singapore; South Africa; Thailand; UK; and the USA.

    For the 2019/2020 academic session, at SIBS Chiangmai we are anticipating the expansion of our current IGCSE offerings of English First Language, English Second language, Mathematics, Coordinated Science, Global Perspectives, Chinese, and Thai. Additional subjects currently are under consideration. Further information will be forthcoming.

    Every door is an exit, and an entrance to somewhere else.

    Open the doors to your child’s future at SBS, the best in bilingual education!


    Our world-class facilities and speciality programmes constitute the perfect environment for the advanced pursuit of process-based learning. Despite looming exams, our secondary programme remains firmly focused on developing your child into a happy and holistic being with a deep thirst for knowledge.


    SIBS meets Thailand’s academic standards, develops bilingual students and follows the curriculum content for Cambridge’s IGCSE. This approach allows your child to pursue a bright future in Thailand’s top national universities or attend a leading university abroad. Beyond SBS, bilingualism and experiential learning remain the best guarantee your child won’t just get into the right school, they will also thrive in their university education and beyond.


    With SBS, your child is ready for the best of both worlds

    • Access to a top university in Thailand
    • The option to move abroad to study or work
    Either way, your child is prepared for a bright future in a changing world.


    SIBS is a strong preparatory school for not only university but also, more importantly, for life

    Cambridge IGCSE


    The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language curriculum offered to students to prepare them for International Baccalaureate and A/AS Levels. It is based on the GCE O-Level and is recognised as being equivalent to the GCSE. In the UK students take GCSE in Year 10 and A/AS Levels in year 12.

    The IGCSE was developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.


    The IGCSE is comparable to many secondary school curricula worldwide, such as England's GCSE, the American GED or high school diploma, Hong Kong's HKCEE, Singapore's O-Level, and the Indian CBSE or ICSE courses.

    The IGCSE prepares students for further academic study, including progression to A/AS Levels and IB Diploma Programme and other equivalents. It is recognised by academic institutions and employers around the world and is considered as an equivalent to the standard GCSE as studied by nearly all schools in the UK.


    IGCSE Year 10 - Year 11

    • English First Language
    • English as a Second Language
    • Mathematics
    • Coordinated Science
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Global Perspectives
    • Thai First Language
    • Chinese
    • Business Studies


    Cambridge IGCSE provides a broad and flexible study programme and covers subjects from a variety of areas: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Creative, Technical and Vocational. Most IGCSE subjects offer a choice of tiered examinations: Core or Extended papers. This is designed to make IGCSE suitable for students with varying levels of ability.

    For more information, please refer to the Cambridge IGCSE website.


    Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University is a Cambridge International School offering IGCSE and A/AS Levels examinations.


    A/AS Levels Year 12 - Year 13

    • Biology
    • Business




    The A Level (Advanced Level) (Year 12) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education. A Level qualification is generally required for university entrance.

    A Levels are worked towards after completion of IGCSE’s (Year 10) over two years and split into two parts, with one part studied in each year. The first part is known as the Advanced Subsidiary Level, A1 Level or AS Level. The second part is known as the A2 Level and is more in depth and academically rigorous than the A1 Level.

    The AS Level is a qualification in its own right and the AS Level combined with the A2 Level forms the complete A Level qualification, with the exception of linear qualifications in which all of the A Level marks are obtained from exams taken in the second year.


    A Levels are the secondary school leaving qualification offered in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Cambridge International AS and A Levels are equivalent to the AS and A Levels taken by learners in the UK, and are accepted for entrance to UK universities.

    The Lisbon Convention (an international agreement signed by 50 countries and international organisations, including the European Union, USA, Australia, Canada, Israel and New Zealand) facilitates the recognises the IGCE-A Level as a pre-university qualification.


    Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University is a Cambridge International School offering IGCSE and A/AS Level examinations.

    Cambridge Exams


    Cambridge IGCSE is widely recognised by higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic achievement. Many universities require a combination of Cambridge IGCSE’s and A/AS levels as one way to meet their entry requirements.


    Satit International Bilingual School of Rangsit University will accept any candidate who wishes to take any of the Cambridge exams having studied the syllabus. You do not need to be an SIBS student. External candidates are welcome to take the exams at our Exams Centre. All examinations are conducted in English.

    SIBS Parent's Handbook

    For more information please read our hanbook below:

    Student Accomodation

    Stay with new friends and enjoy every moment!
    SIBS Host Family (Punmakubmue Family) offers students a friendly and safe family type environment with separate accommodations for male and female students.
    What we offer

    • Student pick-up service
    • Laundry service
    • 24 hours CCTV
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor activities on Saturdays and Sundays
    • Weekdays: Breakfast + Dinner. Holidays: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
    • Living room with TV, comfortable sofa

    To contact host family directly call 089-635-4142 or send email to

    Design Your Life

    Design Thinking Workshop

    Intensive workshop, Spring 2020.

    Instructor: Aj Jeff Hamilton Email:
    Office: Rangsit University, Building 8, Room 706 Office hours by appointment only. Revision: A

    Course Purpose

    This course is an intensive, hands-on, problem-based learning module which will allow students to shape their own directions of inquiry while developing valuable life skills as researchers, designer/developers, and budding entrepreneurs.

    The most valuable skill a young person could possess in the twenty-first century is the ability to learn, un-learn, and re-learn a variety of professional skills, cognitive flexibility. Organizations around the globe contend with the dynamics of a constantly changing world that is developing new technologies, products, and services faster than consumers can adapt. This is the pace of innovation and competition today. Whether a student wants to pursue a path of social innovation or a commercial career path they must possess the skills necessary to gather data, synthesize data, and turn this data in viable product or service concepts which are desired by their intended consumers. This begins with developing an empathetic understanding of their consumer/user group.

    DESIGN THINKING begins with mixed methodology research, a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods will be used to investigate areas of interest selected by the students. Students will move from product category, to users and observational analysis into synthesis, concept generation, and concept testing, finishing with a final presentation (slide show).

    Course Objectives

    This course presents an introductory approach to DESIGN THINKING. Students who complete this course will be able to understand user/consumer groups, synthesize research into creative concepts and test those concepts in the marketplace.

    1. Engagement, this intensive fast-paced workshop is designed to create an awareness of the twenty-first century professional. Engaged with their consumer groups, colleagues, and society as a whole
    2. Responsibility, students will work to further understand both accountability and responsibility, how to put what might be emotional impulses aside for the greater good of their particular project.
    3. Confidence, once students go through the Design Thinking framework they will posses a new knowledge and experience greater confidence, the goal is to learn to embrace “failure” and accept it is a healthy part of the process
    4. Innovative, Design Thinking is a world recognized innovation framework, this intensive hands-on workshop will walk students through the process in a step-by-step manner
    5. Reflective, students will work to develop an empathetic level understanding of their users, understand their role as a team-member with their working group and end the workshop with a reflective practice exercise on all that has been practiced and learned

    Course Description

    Six ten-hour days make up this intensive hands-on problem based learning module where students will earn three college credits (Rangsit University) and develop as engaged, responsible, innovative, confident, reflective young adults.

    Understand and empathize, is phase one where students learn mixed methodology research practices aimed to help them thrive in the competitive landscape.

    Define and synthesize, helps students make sense of their research data and for the purpose of turning out meaningful creative concepts which could be products, services, marketing, or even socio-political campaigns.

    Ideate and create, will give students professional level experience generating ideas, rating and ranking ideas, and down selecting ideas to meet the needs of their intended users.

    Prototype, students will learn how to quickly turn their ideas into simple concept models which can be tested for learning with their users.

    Test, a variety of methods for user testing, collecting feedback and refining prototypes into robust marketable solutions. Whether it is a physical or virtual product, a service, a marketing campaign, or a socio- political call to action your Design Thinking goals can be realized in this class.

    Numeric Analysis, communication, and information technology skills:

    1. Email, shared cloud space, file organization
    2. Basic concepts in quantitative and qualitative data
    3. Calculations in developing appropriate product size
    4. Geometric development considering form, light, and shadow

    Teaching Methods

    In this introductory PBL module students will participate in classroom lectures, students will make phase by phase working plans, present those plans in class to receive feedback then make necessary changes to their working plans. This class will be a combination of classroom working sessions as well as field research activities. Ajarn Jeff will work and travel with each student on at least one field research activity.

    Course Date: 23rd - 28th March 2020


    • Students study together as one group. typically teams of 4-6
    • Students are divided into two sections: Life Style and Hardware

    LIFE STYLE: Relates to technology platforms that are designed to improve the lives of its users, think GRAB, AIR BNB, LINE MAN, FOOD PANDA, etc.. These lifestyle platforms meet previously unmet needs thus enhancing the lives of those who use these services.

    PRODUCT FOCUSED: you may have at one point in your life you thought could improve an existing product or wanted some sort of specific product which currently does not exist. Consider the products you use in your everyday life and your hobbies. Is there a product you could make which would improve some aspect of your life as well as other people like yourself? We will craft some sort of prototype for you to test your product idea.

    Watch the course introduction video here. You may register for the course here.

    Admission Fees:

    The course is one week and the students will receive credits from Rangsit University.