Chiang Mai Academics

Ms. Eileen de Scande

Primary Principal

Ms Eileen de Scande holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education, including school management. With 14 years of teaching experience across 3 continents in the education sector, experience in International Schools, Private Schools and a University. Whilst teaching in Africa Ms Eileen had the opportunity to be a speaker at Teacher conferences in Malawi and Zambia.
She shares a great passion for education, with the aim to create a joyful, nurturing, yet challenging learning environment that is built on positive relationships. Valuing a learning environment that builds on developing the whole student - emotional, social and academic development, is equally important. Sharing the importance of having a school environment where students know they are cared for and appreciated as unique individuals. Celebrating all students talents, interests and needs, contributes to building a community. All students are part of a learning journey that supports growth and achievement.
In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, going for hikes or kayaking the seven seas.